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Jennifer Yauger I've been listening to you guys I think since the beginning & I'm soo excited for how you've guys have just continued getting better & better...much peace & love
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"Interruption" is an announcement to consumer culture and the Western worldview.

From the beginning of the instrumental a laid back yet powerful atmosphere arises, carried by a thumping hip-hop beat, as rhymes enter, combining a satirical character with personal feelings and strong convictions about modern society. The production is a balance between presenting a message and allowing for the attitude of the soundscape to speak for itself.

The lyrical subject matter arises from a deeply personal yet collective experience, that of being frustrated with capitalisms' destructive by-products, such as the constant flood of information that is forced upon us against our will, or the tyranny of choice we face when buying goods. As citizens, we are berated with media and advertisement encouraging us to buy "things" to reach satisfaction, in turn effecting our day-to-day experience and informing our consumerist behavior. The idea behind the title is to disrupt this status quo. In this way, the song can be seen as an advertisement for anti-advertisement.

In the path of Technicolor Lenses' evolution, this song looks at a series of specific circumstances and tells a story that many people around the world are living, yet seldom are able to talk about. "Interruption" also marks the final release by Technicolor Lenses in 2013. As the band continues to release new music and perform live going forward, you will see a flow of content that is highly developed, focused, and intentional.


This is the age of appearance, excuse the interference
Refer to your Catalogue for the nearest clearance
Chachki's collecting dust on store shelves
Made by a chinese kid, not Santa's elves!
Empty selves, crowded prison cells
Orange is the new black the statistic tells
Ideas of living well in this worldview we dwell
is no more than a spell making me yell!
Marta Stewartin' material maneuvering
Souvenirs are moving in pursuing and we're losing in
Success is a pseudonym, the difference between you and him
[you and him]
Billionaire sitting in a chair ready to compare
unaware of the despair happening everywhere
Without a care in a cubical square
Taking your share, now you pay for the air!

This is the age of consumption, excuse the interruption
Time to remind you again to buy something
Commerce of gumption, put a price of nothing!
Create another landfill, we need to keep dumping
Breaking store doors to buy the next lame video game
Entertain the brain distract from pain
When you need work, a dollar is your name
On the way to the mall make sure you stay in your lane
Culture of no shame, snookie's not to blame
When force fed attention, people turn the same
Celebrities subjected to abduction
Vortexed in a suction product production
In line at the grocery store about to pay
I can't control the information that comes my way
Looking at magazines, I think it's safe to say
The news shouldn't include a celebrity's bad hair day!


released December 22, 2013
Technicolor Lenses 2013

Mastering by Psymbionic
Album art by Esseks (Sam Eckstein)



all rights reserved


Technicolor Lenses Brooklyn, New York

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