New Eyes

by Technicolor Lenses

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The Technicolor Lenses trifecta is the sonic creation of Jackson T. Whalan, Sam Eckstein and Brandon Lewis... combining original hip-hop, electronic/dub-step, psychedelic rock, jam, funk, as well as spoken word that provides conscious social commentary on the current state of our existence. Our live performance has the high energy of a hip-hop or electronic set with a unique instrumental element.

New Eyes is a creation of possibility with the intention of displaying how many perspectives can draw a multiplicity of meanings on many levels and layers from the occurring phenomena of the universe... raising consciousness and generating a genuine connection

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“Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.”- Ralf Waldo Emerson


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released June 21, 2011

Technicolor Lenses 2011

Album art by Michelle Mattar:

special thanks to Sound Forecast for supporting the release of New Eyes

Acknowledgement out to each of the beautiful people, close friends, and the community surrounding us far and wide creating such a manifestation as this



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Technicolor Lenses Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Caves of Light
Birds whistling among trees whispering, wondering why the world is whimpering
In thickening forests I feel the wind singing, the Earth’s core is steadily ringing
Breaks screeching, priests are preaching, television speaking false teaching
Leaping and reaching beyond deceiving, believing while the sun is beaming
Down upon icebergs screaming, leaves crunched under animals moving
Flowing rivers ripple sounds soothing, flowers rising out firm rooting
Crowds rooting, horns tooting, revolutions concluding in gun-shooting
Rumbling underground tumbling down, sound communicating all around
Mountains mumbling, skies are thundering, fluttering butterflies are fluttering
A quaking Earth plummeting, a shaken burst uttering…

Space is timeless; time is spaceless, patience, patience…

In the crowd I see you hiding, spinning, jumping running, gliding
Diving, bursting, then submersing, versing as you’re cosmic surfing
Blessing, resting, digesting, investing, progressing
Unraveling through existence, observing yourself as a witness
Speaking, seeking and thinking, in the instance floating sinking
Free your hard, heart, hurting, subversing and sick of working
Earth overturns in its elements, a fire burns your embellishment
Contemplate like Heraclitus, Socrates these righteous vices

Back to a knowledge of our ancient, each soul sitting patient
Back to the source of creation, back to what you have mistaken
In a karmic garden flowers blossom, awesome sacred fallen cosm
Tossed and splattered passive matter, causes acting, moving faster
Grinning upwards constellations, all around us correlations
In a maze of shining starts, showing us all who we are
Cohesion without reason bleeding through a season of treason
You fell asleep to take your nap, so far from home you must come back
Track Name: Communal Human Harmony
Standing at the face of mountains
Lifting us up X2
But God is sleeping

Immersed in verses over surfaces and purposes seeking circuses observing under rug occurrences
Superfluous influences my mind encourages endurances like furnaces the feeling flourishes
Reality is what the permanent verdict is
Innocence and negligence repetitive impediments
Chasing the apocalypse until we get ahead of it
History incredibly repeated and edited Beheaded and indebted the sacred is the feminine
Reveling in the belly of rebellion remembering
-Referencing hieroglyphic messaging tectonic plate shifting severing
The faster the higher the slower the lower
Blowing smoke slower flowing on a four leaf clover
Over a shoulder a new beginning spinning closer
Like a vulture over children of a dead consumer culture
God sleeps on the floor and the shores spores penetrate cores of perceptions doors
Forces forge together gemini and taurus
Universe forces driven and given for us
Climbing trees overlooking corporate forestry
In my mind is me, or is it really me
Planets intermingle into relativity
Connecting the spirit to select frequency

Rhythm of the seasons moving in crescendo X2

Chance is a marvelous adventure of attention sparking ant colony consciousness into vegetation havens

Trees turning to toilet paper as we renounce into the ether and the vapor X2

Communal Human Harmony electron economy x2
Track Name: I'm Gone
I’m Gone
New Eyes
Technicolor Lenses

I look to the inside of me to try to find a finer me, I seek to rhyme to frolic from a false fallen dynasty
Found in foundational gradations I breathe breath of ceaseless concentration
Observation of perfection is the operation, appalling equations , intuitive interpretations
I seek to say goodbye to reach for places high, rectify conditions of constructions that I testify…

Battling fickle forces, fire igniting torches, burning surfaces with elemental sources
Traveling from my origins of endorphins, gathering up Earth’s foundations and I’m gone…

And I am gone, to the moon, yeah I’m gone baby, to the moon

Eruption, erosion into an ocean of pure potion, deep-sea devotion in hysterical commotion
Boosting and unraveling, scaffolding, hammering into the hinges of a phenomenon, a happening
Gradually graduating, habituating, my word fully embracing Technicolor prisms emanating
Energy like amethyst crystal channeling and from the summit of my foundation I fly from firm standing

Contemplating within paradoxical paradigms, intertwined entanglement of our minds
Habits getting hostile as fast as possible, crossing paths of multi-optical obstacles
Stretching into the aim of attaining what’s possible, breathing in articles of these particles
Steadily settling like the sun setting, repetition dwelling and your mind is forgetting
Remembering the plurality of reality, relativism returning to duality
Sparring with luck at the footsteps of destiny, beautiful habits are feeding this energy
Sorting out your sorcery in your secrecy, delving into your topsoil ceaselessly
Skies respirating life spontaneously, influencing us brainlessly sustainably

Moments are lotus pedals coming into blossom then falling to luminous ground decomposing
Moments are mortal portals of transportation
Moments are orbs, fortified, fluctuating with life, designated
Passing through to new fruitions
Track Name: New Eyes
Why do we go blaming someone else
When we can't justify ourselves?

An old soul walked crooked in the eleventh hour/ Through elaborate darkness shocked by luminous street lights

On groundless cement tied to city scapes/Containing opitomies of epiphanies and hollow souls weeping away into subtle decay

He dreamed as he walked in many shades of future days/ His imagination swirling and returning back to suppression suffocating in reality

He looked down to see a pigeon with lost wings as tears rained from the topsides of the skies

He moved past to see the nations flag ablaze falling from a rooftop upon a wanderer collecting broken glass bottles

Looking onward to story of glory morphed scorched torching to pure thought forcing himself into his own core

He walked with closed eyelids forging perfected pictures performing magic swarming to higher energy centers, inspired to connect to every body's heart pulsing

Looked up and saw a woman falling from a high height free of fright he flew forth to free her fall finding his arms holding her beautiful black hair wide eyes for tears to cry onto her painless body

She leaped up and disappeared into a hidden realm as he hurled cold cries that echoed through empty buildings shattering windows

He jumped running through the heart of a thoughtless city seeing all hues all colors spectrums moving all around him

Lights turned to rainbow reflection shining on the glimmering darkness of the streets

He bumped into a man who hopped frantic with a cardboard slab that read "Love Is Now" not stopping or dropping or rolling minutes unfolding by inventions of time cringing upon tower clocks ticking clicking tocks to 12 a.m. a day crackling away

He breathed in exhausting bundles of air chasing vehicles of transfigured transport, taxi cabs puttered and drivers muttered utterances directed by perpetual steering

He moved through crowds of people speaking galactic languages void of meaning, voices repeating

He felt like a triangle in a sphere of circles positives negatives neutrals even within the dirt of his cuticles retained in particles and particular molecules even in hair follicles, a stranger bumped into him and abominably spoke words inaudible, threw a glass bottle breaking to fractals and fragments of disarray

And I could have sworn I heard him say...

It's almost impossible to leave the past behind
Without your new blue eyes
Track Name: Clouds on Fire
All hold the power in the very last hour as the inner and the outer crashes down into a shower
So play the part or play the part you want to play
On this track way pray through the words that we say
Pushing verbal villainy like Bob Dylan
So who are they thrilling with the innocent they're killing
Are they lost like me? Without an answer to humanity
Stand with me in an escape of the fantasy
Waiting for the moment that I can feel my bravery
Everything's a heavy thing but it's not over taking me
So understand it like the palm of your hand
As we're running through the sand of a chosen mans' land...
Track Name: Hokus Focus
I must feel as lost as everyone else, returning to the pages of the books on a shelf
In a flawlessly lawless peaceful people zoo, implacable untraceable eyes seeing you
Impregnated impressions feeding this fear, fed and led by figure heads into all ears
Insoluble instigation splitting the atoms which we journey to fathom in our own minds chasms
Crevices craters creators of saviors, afraid of our neighbors because our own behaviors
No one left to blame for what there is no name for, walking through a locked door to concoct more
While the moon ties the tide to every shore, crashing against every cliff
Uplift like the hit of a spliff, the stars stable while the clouds drift
Sifting through the sands in a land of what if, what if, what if, what if…

Everything is everything you never thought it was, was, was, was…

Praying mantises observe lost advancement, buried like avalanches over Atlantis
Babbling on what’s happening with a grappling hook attached to a shameless society back to the inside of me
A child with new eyes out of caves climbing free, swimming in the road when the sea is she
Perversion of what’s pure allured by fear immersed in foreign elements that travel quite near
Brainlessly shameless, painlessly inflicted, consciousness lives in your minds’ eye vision
Devising invention to rise and then lengthen, returning to origination, where we strengthen
The path is as narrow as an arrow, either crystallized like the dynasty of a pharaoh
Or maced and teased by symbols of hatred, disintegrated regulated freedom confiscated

Everything is everything you never thought it was…
Track Name: Swim in the Road
[Move with me through the days and the times
And the hearts and the minds getting lost in these rhymes
With the beats and the rays of the sun
Shining down as the end comes around]
Embodiment of enchantment like shining bodies, flowing dresses dancing in advancement
Amongst dark skies are seen stars from river-side benches of your urban avalanche
As roaring mechanisms travel from nowhere to no where to we don't know where
What and why to know it
Smoking poetry smeared on street signs indicating direction
As graffiti communicates universally on these old walls
Built long after pharaohs and masters mastered plastic clashes of disaster unfolding rapture
Covered by plaster over store front glass windows
Unseen intricate business of false blissfulness
New forms of congruent influence from teachers to students
To prude movements within the fluids of cruelness
The makers of money time faith and hope with popes hung on ropes
Crusades of calls from lyrical parades
Gridded masses in formation making information

Potions bring an unmoved focus to grey buildings whose windows become the sun
Shining in sweat weather we are closer than ever forever
Pigeons’ wings fester in hazed air as strangers cry on pavement loosely hugging Earth
We can somehow hold fabrications of perception
Drunk on what's coming and we're sober on what's ended
Causes best left undefended become apprehended
As crowds gather naked to each other in these fields
Opening mouths, voices shatter odes to corruption
Disordering lords of rings might just make these birds sing
As instruments are composing, natural communication
Squirrels are hiding in trees and bees are disappearing
And beer is brewing in a stomach of effort
Levitating inches over bridge sides, glimpses of introspection
Retrospective reflection
Mercury retrograde in a flawless waltz
Rhythms, Pulses engulfment’s
The place where all points converge is unspoken by words
Goddesses made infinite because every woman is one
In compilations of postulated denial
Platues of ignorance, flowers de-blossomed back to our fallen bottom of difference
Learning to see spots blinded by spiritual minded refinement finding alignment in a radical climate
And I'm still grabbing on the crotch of my song
Substances synthesized on a wire high strung
Jumping, jumping, jumping
Landing to the return of silent togetherness
Stories told by wisdom blinded by schematic practice
Average manuscripts documenting unfolding events
Simultaneous paradigms of multiple layers
Major lasers frayed at the seems of our dreams
Articulating slow moving destinies like traffic lights
Are regulators of habit
Cycles break into walls of imagination
Turning walls of expression to lowly levels and tones
Culture explodes like a balloon popped by the search for salvation
At the same time as numbers replace names like seasons change