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‘Psychedelegates’ mirrors the bands’ founding vision of uniting hip-hop music and insightful rap lyricism with electronic beats and a strong emphasis on the use of live instrumentation in the recording process. The album as an idea characterizes the band as representatives for the exploration of the psyche and delegates for the imagination, while musically the songs cover a dynamic spectrum of styles and lyrical topics. With seven songs in total, the first single “Chrome Heart” showcases the groups focused approach with emcee Jackson Whalan's quick-fast vocals riding Sam Eckstein's haunting beat and melodic guitar lines. Another highlight is the song “Brought From Thought”, an epic production of peaks and valleys, heartfelt emotion, sweeping soundscapes, guest trumpet, and angelic vocal lines in both English and Spanish by Carmen Estevez. “Aviation” might be the heaviest track on the album with Jackson evoking rawness and lyrical aggression to a figurative opponent, honoring the traditions of hip-hop and rapping. “Underground” is a head knocking bass-centric track featuring the driving rhythms of drummer Brandon Lewis and smooth horns of Ian Stewart, ripe for the dance floor. Whether you're trying to groove at a festival or relax in your car, Technicolor Lenses has something to tingle your spine with ‘Psychedelegates’.

Psychedelegates was self-produced, engineered, and mixed by Technicolor Lenses at Substation Studio (Housatonic, MA). The album was then mastered to the analog domain using a 1/2 inch tape machine and other analog processing by Will Schillinger at Pilot Recording Studio in Housatonic, MA. Will has worked on studio recordings with  Passion Pit, Paul McCartney, Beastie Boys, Taj Mahal, Miles Davis and countless other legendary musicians. 

"Complex rhythms, conscious rhymes and next level musicianship reveal the truth: Technicolor Lenses' vision is clear." --Joel Davis, Black Swan Sounds


released September 2, 2014

Technicolor Lenses 2014
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Technicolor Lenses: Sam Eckstein (Esseks), Carmen Estevez, Brandon Lewis, Jackson Whalan
Recorded at Substation Studio (Housatonic, MA)
Mastered by Will Schillinger at Pilot Recording Studio (Housatonic, MA)



all rights reserved


Technicolor Lenses Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Brought From Thought
Somos eternos, como la luz, viaja sin retorno.
Carmen, English Translation: We are eternal, like the Light, which travels with no return
Back into the Light
Track Name: Chrome Heart
Baila, hoy todo esta bien.
Carmen, English Translation: Dance, today everything is good

Living on a landfill, time at a standstill/Keep it gritty, New York City the anthill/Go hard with my band still/Drop beats like an anvil, no money but my hands filled/Big plans to make something that you can feel, it’s that real/City of steel, chrome and glass, get off your ass, make some cash pay off your gas/Bill, owe three month’s of rent still, land landlord been chill/But I got a good feeling New York City never been the place to get a good deal/How much I gotta pay to get a good meal?/Get what you want with a purchase/Concrete covers where the surface of the Earth is, ain’t gotta a dollar it’s worthless

Chorus: Where’s peace in the belly of the beast? No time to sleep out here on the east

Girly on the train looking perfect, union square spitting verses/Staying out with my friends until 5am, just to find a purpose/Homegirl can’t find where her purse is, tourist trying to figure out what the hurry is/ As a cab drives away from where the curb is- lack of the courteous/Noise disturbances, bottle services- it’s just what we witness/Itching to escape society’s sickness, make it into a business/Riding my bike over the bridge to where the herb is, don’t fuck with random subway searches/Real life is where the dirt is, stay high like where the pigeon perches


Pollution in the air you can taste now, cars driving by with the bass wow/In a rap-race picking up my pace now, signed a lease and I got my on space now/The size of a bathroom on a greyhound, not enough space to lay down/So I lay down some great sounds, do another take no time to waste!/Hate it and love it, my basement is flooded, water is nothing I’m floating above it/Fuck it this system is crushing my budget/The system is busted why do I trust it?/Huh… never let it get to my head, living the life of an artist instead/As hard as its been, keeping it zen, be here for ever I’m in it to win!


Baila, hoy todo esta bien.
Carmen, English Translation: Dance, today everything is good
Track Name: Bandits
La mirada de un niño que ve , de Los grandes la estupidez, que no vislumbramos tras la pared, tras el muro de miedo, a ser descubiertos desnudos y enfermos , somos mudos, y torpes , y lerdos.

Carmen, English Translation: The eyes of a child who sees the stupidity of the older. We can't get a glimpse behind the wall, behind the wall of the fear to be discovered naked and sick. We are dumb, clumsy and sluggish.

Flash trade free market vigilante, grabbing all the currency he can see/Treasure on my sure pirate in my sea, making waves like Sandy, cowboy drinking brandy/Money in the hand made the sheriff put the tariff on the land and the scheme turned grand and fancy/My whole colony getting antsy, rich getting richer no plan b? Regulator stand/Drastic measure, people into debt with the tax collector, Private sector/Burning down pastures power is pleasure, old news been happening forever/Wall street is even over, computer selling shares teletype flash order/Algorithm determined the economic system, capitalism no different than alcoholism…

No quiero ser transparente, yo quiero encararme con el presidente, mirarle de frente, decirle que miente, que engaña a la gente permanentemente.
Carmen, English Translation: I don't wanna be transparent, I wanna face the president, To look at him in the eyes, To tell him he lies, That he fools people permanently.

—Numbers move on a time square skyscraper, bit coin, forget green paper/Swallow that like a lifesaver/Skip town- see you later/Any bandit, will take what he can get/Are we done yet? Having fun yet?/Or just standing here doing nothing facing the faces of money making monkey chasing and sitting and fussing in the face of destruction/Condition of injustice, full of inspiration and substance/Mask of Zorro turning the Euro to zero like a hero, never let your fear grow

Tengo que ver, tengo que hacer, tengo que ser, nada que ver, con lo que fui ayer, hoy desperte para mi bien, y alguna cabeza tendre que romper , ya ves , asi es, y alguna cabeza tendre que romper, ya ves , asi es, y yo quiero ser valiente.
Carmen, English Translation: I have to see, I have to do, I have to be, nothing to do with what I was yesterday. And I will have I break some heads, You see, that's how it is,
Some heads I will have to break, And I wanna be brave.
Track Name: Aviation
Can’t hate it now that your watching me brake it down/Taste it like I just came in now it’s me your blaming now/Endangered species on the mic no taming now/I’m your sensei master now, you’re like a city, mad trash around/I run your future you just keep the past around/You can hear it now I bring the clearest lyric now/Look past appearance, I’m a full on experience/Words from your mouth never been serious, I’ll be here at the end like periods

Your lyrical weariness I’m furious so I sit like Siddhartha finding my calm showing you what spirit is/I’m a master now look at your ego it’s a disaster now/Like rap is sports run it back like madden now/My points are adding up through your speakers blasting now/Your at a glum dumb party straight passing out/Technicolor Lenses— get your glasses out, smash em out/Your last song? Yo what was that about/Your flow sleepy- got nothing to teach to so just meet me/At the next level- Luigi/Empty words lack of logic and perpetuation of demonic toxic/So I balance you with a positive tonic/From my roots, like Massachusetts, Housatonic/You’d be iller if your flow was honest/But your just the norm like pot is/Hanging out where the stall and potty is sniffing what you wanna sniff/So it’s my job to keep it Raw like spliff/There’s no time anymore for being cynical and egotistical, it doesn’t matter what your Souncloud statistics do/Lyrical wizard my cloak is invisible/How you gonna spit making people feel miserable with speech impedible/I stay minded like criminal, pivotal/Like KRS-ONE, South Bronx, played by DJ Red Alert/I’m here to bring hip-hop back to what it was first

Graffiti writers, DJs, emcees, and b-boys, did you even know about Cool Herc 1973 boy? History boy/You can rap about my girl but she’s just a decoy/My true love you will never have the props to see boy/I’m in the zone, watch your speed boy/Your flow tragic like Shakespearean plays/So I’m all up in your face like when you open a beer and it sprays/You got my gears grinding all these years rhyming
Track Name: Heading West
Flipping the script in this love relationship/Wanted to make it right, show you that I gave a shit/Demon inside- it’s me that has to live with it/Making a promise and not feeling fulfilling it?/No way to know what would ever come of us/Breaking your trust and leaving you in the dust/Thinking the grass is greener on the other side/Traveling far, heading west just to look into your eyes/Questioning me thinking I’m telling you lies/Thinking and thinking stop thinking and realize!/Ship of relation I wanted to run away/Honeymoon phase faded away- should have chose to stay/Deep in the mind- desensitized/Looking, I find, reasons to apologize/Stuck in a habit, can’t help that I have it/Swept up in your magic, past I can’t grasp it

Stick it out figure it out, isn’t that what love is about?/ But I’m already out before the first signs of doubt/If it’s broken don’t throw it away, fix it/But I’m feeling challenged like I’m reaching my limit/It’s over now I’m present, no more resentment/Now nothing’s expected, don’t gotta defend it/Waves never end when you’re more than a friend/I was intoxicated by our energy blend/Soul of a gemini, always wonder why/Lows are so low, highs are so high/Used to think there was something wrong with struggle, missing pieces to the puzzle/How could I miss it?/Possibility exist in every instant/Commitment versus being independent, no constitution or amendment/Schools never taught loves rules/So we’re all fools just pretending
Track Name: Psyche feat. Soham
Soham: Contemplating how these universal ties are all arranged/We can flip through any book and still end up on the same page/The patterns are all scattered through the labyrinth of the maze/Magnetized in waves of a new age to set the stage
Jackson: Amazed, mutual friends, connection never ends/On the same wave looking through the same lens/Like I met you in a dream exploring the psyche in a conversation resonating synchronicities
Soham: Co-inside as we relearn to go inside/Co-devise the positives we co-provide/Our golden tribe can hold the vibe of the heart through art/We come together to co-liberate and spark the start
Jackson: Together never apart, wired with desire/For community, staying inspired around a campfire/We sing and dance every chance we can get/To take the vibe higher, take the vibe higher
Soham: Erase the lines between space and time gratefully to find/Sacred signs define we all comprise divine design

Jackson: It’s already here, we just have to arrive/All souls synergize in a web of many lives

Chorus: See through the mind, speak from the heart/See through the lines, we all play a part/Venture inside, to bridge the divide/The world is alive and designed to thrive

Jackson: Reflecting on all the people that I’ve met
Soham: Through every interaction destiny does manifest
Jackson: And the many faces I still haven’t seen yet
Soham: Projections of inception, are we living in a dream? Yes
Jackson: Travel on the organism that this planet is
Soham: Swimming in a hall of mirrors full of blank canvases
Jackson: Right here is where our fantasy is
Soham: Imagine all the magic that we knew when we were kids
Jackson: Now I can know you even if I haven’t met you
Scham: The miracle of cyberspace is coming to the rescue
Jackson: Communication- lightning fast information
Soham: Disseminate the pages of sages across all nations
Jackson: Interrelation of our race in acceleration like the golden ratio equation/Gotta pass it on to the next generation always searching for a new revelation
Soham: Illusions… of our separation fades away/Living in integrity’s the movement of today/The ancients remind our Earth-spaceship aligned/Through patience we find all the grace is inside