Eternal Eyes

by Technicolor Lenses

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released January 21, 2012

All Songs recorded at The Bunker studio with John Davis
Carmen Esteves- back up vocals on "Oompah"
Diego Clare- back up vocals on "Optical Conclusion"

Special thanks to Hillary Capps, Amanda Beyer, Duke Mushroom (SOTM), and The New School

Technicolor Lenses 2012
Sam Eckstein, Brandon Lewis, Jackson Whalan

Album artwork by Michelle Matter and Connor Nolan



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Technicolor Lenses Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Oompah
Syllables in a subliminal pinnacle flow in a beat and swim in a mineral
Centrifugal force is pivotal individual witness a ritual
Hippie flip the mind of a vegetable edible source incredible
Back and forth pass the torch on a pedestal unforgettable
Back to the basics escape from the matrix beautiful faces in the oasis days and phases ages blazing captivating greatest changes
Sipping tradition i live in a vision listen to transmission, flipping intuition into fruition
In the middle of a symbol and a riddle
Tides and shores emanating a ripple
Everything everything never the same action aligning the name of the game
Simple and plain straight to the brain refrain from pain against the grain
relevant eloquent evidence, benevolent innocence
In illadelic fashion and passion baggage unpacking
Smashing rapping and average a fraction and dashing
Blasting the future moving past and everlasting
Dispatching and amassing colliding and clashing
Track Name: Optical Conclusion
Floating in an ocean of emotion and divine devotion opening the notions of medicines and potions
Emanating the brilliance of a trillion suns as love flows in the current with the river that runs
Tapping in unraveling a sacred conversation
Grounding meditation in crazed illumination
Communicating love as its own demonstration
Arteries are city streets, open navigation
Heart pulses beats lungs and trees both breathe deep
As I leaf peep when the seasons repeat
Subways and trains blood vessels and veins
All one in the same frame given a different name
Love is the limit as we give the heart a visit moving up and then we're in it as we're living by the minute
Impermanent phenomena rise and fall
To a feeling always calling creating us all
In the futurama of a prominent promise
Emanating self into the heart of the knowledge
Crumble the acropolis together with the populace
Hushing the cycles in the depth of the metropolis
Mighty disciple enter in the cypher
Radiating outward shining ever brighter
Consciousness as an epic epicenter
Children of the sun, creator inventor
Bursting with radiance out of the radius
Return today to show the way stay with us
Scriptures in a napsack secret rapfacts
Letting it fall back like the nasdaq
Intertwine rhyme aligning the spine
The sun is the source and the source is divine
Forever is the only time to climb
Breathing in deep as the souls refine
(ahhh) check the symbol and sign fly and shine
The world is an art observe the design
Mind coinciding, evolving the path and future unwinding
Track Name: Swing It
The quickening is thickening and moving to the inner ring the bickering is trickling give the rhyme a tickling
Everything nothing and everything is a little thing so songs from our soul are what we sing
-- Ways and paths and points of view are like waves that crash and wash over you
Of options and practices within a process objects in context revealing optics
Resonance of essence measurements of lessons
Up in to the heavens to form our expressions
Focus attention highest of dimension
Galactic age, time and space is compression
Present moment before a million tomorrows
Past is a vortex of the deepest sorrows
Blowing kisses to the greatest wishes
In the midst of existence seen from a distance
Laughter can scatter beyond any matter
The before and the after will recognize the master
Rap to the matter cuz the world is moving faster
I never really asked yah if I could have yah...
And now there's three little birds sitting at my door step
Singing melodies that I don't know
I travel through the vortex of my soul so I know our knowledge might grow
And I walk through the rows of the seeds that I sow
Searching for a change in the dark that doesn't glow
We've tried to find it in the present day climate but we can't rewind it so we might as well bomb it
The stink of how we think has us caught on the brink
But your love doesn't shrink so that's the last link
I move my ink on and transform to scriptures
Until we see a day that brings beautiful picture