by Technicolor Lenses

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"Walking On" music video:

Oracle is a reflection of our personal growth through the evolution of our sound and lyrical content with a focus on creating a bridge between genres. This is our third release as Technicolor Lenses and represents the collaborative energy of us coming together as a group for the joy of the process as much as the end result. Each song is an iteration of the deep and varied inspirations of all three band members merged into one collective vision. As a group, an intention through this project is to showcase the expression of our live instrumentation and the art of MC-ing combined with programmed production using Ableton Live.

Our hope is that this project can transcend time and space. The goal is that the music will symbolize something larger than ourselves and that the material will speak a message on its own, enabling Oracle to be an objective guide to human interaction regardless of cultural and social trends that are always in flux. We present different layers of perspective and world-view in our material which allows for the listener to understand the world in an entirely new context. The songs contained on this EP were intentionally created for live settings in order to support fun, transformative experiences centered on awareness and connectivity.


released April 30, 2013

Written, produced and recorded by Technicolor Lenses
(Brooklyn, NY)
Sam Eckstein, Brandon Lewis, Jackson Whalan

Mastered by Ian Stewart

Album Artwork by Sam Eckstein (Esseks)

Special thanks to Gregg Sauber and Planet Cognac



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Technicolor Lenses Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: No More Monopoly
I'm bound to non duality with no analogy
No one can teach you how to be it's up to you you see
To reach the frequency
Peacefully beats from speakers speak to me
From sea to shining sea everything becomes free
Moving past the age of anything as a commodity
Properly embody the dissolution of property
Government mockery and robbery of democracy
Obviously the truth is hidden from the glossary impossibly
Forget about the world-- dance with your soul
Let the music take control as I rhyme from ancient scroll
There's a cosmos residing in our brains
So of course it's no wonder things seem so strange
So much beauty in all the aches and pains
Psychedelic relics leaving permanent stains
Imagination escape shackles and chains
Accumulating amassing massively with no refrains
Kicking it tipping the range flipping the page
live in an age lifting the haze digging in craves
Crazed praise the sun and rays
Giving in living in time and space
Give a test taste mind erase
No more monopoly no more first and last place!

No separation between you and me
Track Name: Oracle
Synergetic cinematic dramatic intergalactic
Compatible apparatus drastically crafting a status
Screeching a feature a teacher unleashing beats
And steezing for a reason to reach you from the mountains to streets
Revolving like the zodiac, rising like tobacco tax
In the air like hacky sacks slap a track and run it back
Sedative crusaders burning to vapors
Making way for the latest greatest creators- in this matrix we play tricks
Trailing like drum sticks bumping up a mix
Kicking spits getting it lit filling it up with richness
Equipped with the quickness the messenger the witness
Hearing cries from the misfits and the mystics
Building castles in the sand travelling every land to understand
Intertwined like a DNA strand
Combined to redefine shaping seeing through the lines
Signs of the times when I'm speaking through these rhymes
On to infinity...
Track Name: Walking On
Got me wondering how I got into this mix
Mind playing tricks and I'm feigning for a fix
Habits overriding imploding into explosion
Tapering away like ocean coastal erosion
Bringing downfalls like a Shakespeare tragedy
Expectation versus odyssey a novelty
Trusting the truth of my power like a battery
Showing a new way to each and every whack mc
Imposing the impossible surpassing every obstacle
Sailing with my voice until we all become unstoppable
Visionary Depiction, blurring fact from fiction
Enriching perception with colorful Depiction
Scales are tipping and I feel it in every nerve
Revolutionary like the birth of spoken word
Tuning my thoughts to the streams of the absurd
Walking on by to a new day I turn...

Walking on....
Walking on by to a new day I turn,
to the mountain of the fountain of the knowledge that I learn
Walking on by to a new day I turn
my true self dwelling in the clouds in the sky

Everybody looking for a surprise open your eyes
Raising the stakes see the truth in the lies
Arouse and optimize as the species multiplies
True self dwells above the clouds and the skies all time highs
Hidden in disguise the sun rise creating fun times
Fumbling and crumbling in a see of a ton of rhymes
Living and we rumble in the rubble of a subtle bubble
No rebuttal in the beat I mumble and I cuddle
Lost in the world and I'm launching a shuttle
Feeling energy from a shove to a snuggle
Buzz and bumble the instrumental I pummel
The metaphorical super-structure is super supple
Rhyming it sweet like honey-suckle
intergalactic journey tighten the buckle
Rhymes I've got a couple in the bundle that I tussle
People run around the city and hustle
While I brush up my capacities in the struggle